© Maximiliane Wittek

Dance / togetherness / free-expression / electronic music

LUCID is a Berlin-based collective, exploring new frontiers of transformative culture,  dreaming a new reality awake through ritual, dance and creative collaboration.

Lucid was initiated in the Autumn of 2015 by a small group of friends interested in the possibilities of co-creation and the transformative powers of music, dance, ritual and togetherness. Over the past four years we have created a number of gatherings and hosted spaces at festivals, bringing together a community of individuals engaged in bringing emergent culture into the world. Each event is characterised by a theme (often depending on seasonal cycles), an opening and closing ritual, and a focus on the medicine of dance, inspired by the club culture of Berlin and our overseas allies.


Lucid is a space where healing and transformation are invited. A gathering inviting individual and collective change. We created the following principles in order to enhance this possibility:

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