Comprising of thirteen international performers, we collaborate to create original stage plays that explore gender dynamics
and the potential of remodeling our understand of the feminine and masculine principles. Blauhauch’s unique approach
to storytelling combines immersive and sensory experiences with classical storytelling, magical realism and movement theatre.
In addition, Blauhauch offers artistic workshops and individual sessions. These workshops teach dreamwork, creative writing,
and performance with the intention of empowering women, men, teenagers and fellow artists to find their own creative
voice and truth in this world.

Featured artists:

Sarah Alles,
Laura Sophia Becker
Marion Bott
Laura Frederico
Nicole Marischka
Myriam Sebbah
Tiffany Tara
Andrea Wasrud
Maximiliane Wittek

© Maximiliane Wittek

Blauhauch means blue breath. Yves Klein said
“Blue is the invisible becoming visible. Blue has no dimensions,
it is beyond the dimensions of which other colors partake.”