Alien Goes Earth is an ongoing comic series about an alien, who tries to live amongst humans and learn their ways. The paradoxical behaviour of people confuses him a lot and leads to funny weird situations.
The weekly comic stripes are featured on a Instagram Account (@AlienGoesEarth) and also on the streets of Berlin city. I aspire to explore additional ways of interaction and publication of the Alien. Street art and the creation of an Instagram Face Filter are only the start. 

– Lidia Brankovic,
poetic graphic designer

Alien Goes Earth Instagram

… But also Street Art. If you’re lucky on a walk through Kreuzberg, Berlin you can spot the wisdom tellings Aliens by Lidia Brankovic.

for this successful project which was created and accompanied by the seminar „Rebel For Future – Holistic Communicationdesign“, SoSe 2020 @FH Potsdam Design by Maximiliane Wittek.